China Huadian Hong Kong Company Limited

  • Stragety
    With our eyes upon the future, Huadian Hong Kong will always adhere to our mission to "Developing International Energy And Providing Momentum". Giving full play to our advantage in industrial chain, we focus on investment while supporting our strategy with financial, trading and engineering capabi...
  • Thermal power
    Develop high-efficiency, environmentally friendly thermal power projects. With sensitivity to location, we invest in construction of combined heat and power generation projects at areas thermal resource in need.
  • Hydro power
    Undertake high-value hydropower recourse development projects, with focus on projects possessing outstanding economic fundamentals and all necessary supporting criteria.
  • Renewable Energy
    We are studying policy related to new energy resources such as wind power, and analyzing the investment climate and supporting conditions, as well as the development trends in the industry, in preparation for our undertaking wind power and other new energy projects.
  • Finance
    We are driving the steady development of financial service capabilities and corporate-bank cooperation, expanding funding sources, and strengthening risk management capability to satisfy the Company’s financial needs for its growth strategy. At the same time, we are also improving capital deploym...
  • Trade
    We import coal, fuel oil, biomass and other energy resources, timber and wood products, import and export solar energy production equipment (both whole sets and parts), develop environmental protection technology and equipment, provide power production consulting services, power plant repairs and ...
  • Coal
    We are driving the development of natural resource production, linking together the domestic and international coal markets, as well as the need within and without the system, to have a 3 million Ton/year coal production capacity by 2020, with mines holding proven reserves of over 200 million Tons...
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