China Huadian Hong Kong Company Limited: Well-targeted Step for Leap Forward
Time:January 22 2016


China Huadian Hong Kong Company Limited held the working conference 2016 in Beijing on January 21, at which the spirit of the conference was publicized and implemented, the work 2016 was planned to make joint efforts to push the Company to make a good beginning of the “13th Five-year Plan”.


In 2015, various works went well, and the annual target was fulfilled. The company completed the preparation of “13th Five-year” plan was prepared completely, and fulfilled zero breakthroughin the merger and acquisition projects. LowerStung Russei Chrum Hydro-Electric Project was operated safely and steadily, yielding a significant benefit. In 2016, the Company will positively integrate itself into the international development strategies such as “One Belt and One Road”, “Interconnectivity and Intercommunication”. and global energy interconnection, focused on the “Two Pieces and One Chain”, planned the development layout, optimized the resource allocation, and aimed to achieve our leap forward.

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