Successful Ignition of #1 Gas Turbine of Huadian-Teninskaya Combined Cycle Power Plant
Time:April 10 2017

At 00:14 April 7,the first ignition of #1 Gas Turbine of Huadian-Teninskaya Combined Cycle Power Plant was successful. It is the biggest Chinese electric energy investment project in Russia.
Thanks to the strong support by the group executives, direct leadership of CHDHK, organization of Huadian-Teninskaya Combined Cycle Power Plant, cooperation of all Chinese and Russian engineering entities and experts as well as endless efforts and prudent work of all supervising, agency, operating, commissioning and engineering entities and staffs, #1 Gas Turbine had successful low-speed manual turning for the first time on March 30, followed by launch and successful manual turning of SFC facility for the first time on April 3, official start of ignition on April 6 and successful first-time ignition at 00:14, April 7.
The "initial ignition" of gas turbine is the critical testing of gas system and control system and its success marks the completion of installation and commissioning over the months. #1 Gas Turbine of Teninskaya project will step into the stage of electrical zero-load test and grid connection pipeline blowing. The successful "initial ignition" of #1 Gas Turbine has laid solid foundation for the follow-up ignition of #2 Gas Turbine, starting up of the complete units, 72hr trial operation and final commercial operation. 

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