Success of First Rolling Commissioning of Huadian-Teninskaya Project
Time:May 31 2017

At 23:16 Moscow time,May 30, in the first commissioning of rolling of the steam turbine of the Huadian-Teninskaya 450MW Gas-Steam Combined Recycling Plant, the constant rotary speed at 3,000r/min has been successfully achieved with satisfactory indicators of all bearings like vibration, temperature as well as stable operation of steam turbine.
During the rolling, leaders of CHDHK and Huadian-Teninskaya Combined Cycle Power Plant were on the site for command and general arrangement, and actively participated in the discussion of matters concerning the running.Huadian-Teninskaya Combined Cycle Power Plant organized all commissioning, operating, engineering and manufacturing entities that took respective duties and responsibilities and carried out fine-tuned cooperation to complete and secure preparation in an all-round way.
Huadian-Teninskaya Project is the first Chinese power project in Russia. Since the commencement, all staffs tried the best to bridge the huge gap between Chinese and Russian engineering construction systems and design standard systems, tackle with all difficulties and achieved milestone success step by step. The successful running of steam turbine marks the advent of phase of the complete units commissioning of Huadian-Teninskaya Project and lays solid foundation for the up-to-standard launch and operation of units.

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