China Huadian Hong Kong Company Limited

China Huadian Hong Kong promotes a culture of willing and able “doers.” At a strategic junction where challenges and opportunities tend to go hand-in-hand, China Huadian Hong Kong has no choice but to never stop running forward towards the future. “Always Running” represents a spirit, a working style, an individual character, and a promise to never give up, where all are expected and willing to “get up and go” and to face any challenge presented with skill and grace.



  • Add: Room 4306, 43/F, No.26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • Tel: +852-28104588
  • Fax: +852-28104566
  • Add: NO.2,Xuanwumennei Street ,Xicheng District,BeiJing
  • Tel: +8610-83567666
  • Fax: +8610-66088571

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